PEKiP-Books in the national languages of the nations:

Spain, Authoress Anne Pulkkinen

Brazil, Authoress Anne Pulkkinen
The Netherlands, Authoress Anne Pulkkinen
South Korea, Authoress Liesel Polinski
South Korea, Authoress Anne Pulkkinen
Croatia, Authoress Anne Pulkkinen
Slovenia, Authoress Anne Pulkkinen
China, Authoress Liesel Polinski
Russia, Authoress Liesel Polinski
Czech Republic, Authoress Liesel Polinski

Parents find proposals for PEKiP®-games in books by Liesel Polinski, Anne Pulkkinen and Monika Thiel. They describe how important it is to observe the child and which meaning the education through playing has. The authors take the fear of parents by clarifying that they can trust the growing abilities of their babies. The PEKiP®-DVD of Liesel Polinski and Katrin Krüger informs about education, gives practical suggestions for suitable toys and visualizes PEKiP®-games. Experts get deep information about the PEKiP®-association and about scientific analyses in the book of Gertrud Scherer and Dieter Höltershinken.