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The concept of PEKiP® The Prager-Eltern-Kind-Programm (germ. Prague-Parent-Child-Program) is a concept for group work with parents and their child in its first year of living. The aim of PEKiP® is to support parents and babies in the process of getting each other to know for - Noticing, assisting and supporting the baby in its actual situation and its development - Strengthening and deepening the relationship between the baby and its parents - Assisting the parents in their situation and ensuring an exchange of experiences among them - Offering the babies the contact to children of the same age. The young parents start meeting in group with their babies when these are four to six weeks old. The play- and move-motivation and the stimulating of senses are the main aims in the group work for parents and their children. They get activated beyond the borders of their generations.

Parent education The PEKiP®-association phrased the comprehension of education according to their charter. Amongst others, the following questions are answered: - How is the learning in a group self-determined and how is it arranged with each other? - What is demanded of the learning opportunity of PEKiP® according to quality? - Which task is realised in the process-oriented education? The given playing-motivation is always adapted to the child’s stage of development. Parents have the opportunity to experience their child more intensively beyond its first year of living and they learn how to motivate it with games and movements.

Education in PEKiP® Parents strengthen their competence in education and learn how to handle the needs of their baby and their own ones most sensitive. The group leader supports and assists the parents in their task as educator.

Group Work Technical information Questions from the everyday life of young families on development and education are taken into the group work of PEKiP®. Therefore parents have the opportunity to get background knowledge for many important decisions. The social contacts within the group let parents exchange experiences and give them the possibility to learn with and from each other. The children experience their first social relationships with babies in their age with the presence of their parents. The babies motivate each other to exercise, vocalise and to explore their surrounding. They enjoy getting in touch with each other. PEKiP® supports the building-up of positive relationships between parents and child as well as between all group members through experiencing movement, play and fun together.

Standards Basics - The group work starts with mothers/fathers and their babies in the age of four to six weeks. - To one PEKiP®-group belong six to eight adults and their babies. - The group meets once a week for 90 minutes. - The group stays together during the first year of life of the babies.


Opinion of parents The educational concept of PEKiP® is practised by more than 1800 institutes of parents- and family education. About 2600 active PEKiP®-group leaders are reaching through these providers more than 65.000 families in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for the whole first year of the child’s life. Because of the fact that the providers of parent education of communes and charity are higher distributed in cities, unfortunately parents in rural areas have a smaller choice of courses.

PEKiP® and prevention The PEKiP®-courses sensibilise the behaviour of the parents in case of preventive health care and in the supporting of the healthy body development of the child. The PEKiP®-courses help to transfer the learning success into everyday life. Factors that are dangerous to health or force stress for parents and children are mainly occurring because of societal developments. Young parents are exposed to greater risks because the exchange of experiences decreases due to separation of young families between work and life in small families. In case of primary prevention parents get support from PEKiP®. Scientific research proves the importance of games as fundamental interaction between parents and children. The PEKiP®-group leaders provide accomplishments that fulfil the demands of multimodal relaxing programs for parents due to “common and standardised spheres of activity and criteria of central organisation of health insurances for the realisation of §20 Abs. 1 and 2 SGB (Code of Social Law) V of the 21st of June 2000” in each current version.

Framework agreement and certificate of attendance for health insurances: www…. Licence agreement for the PEKiP®-group leaders for downloading: www…

The non-profit PEKiP®-association for group work with parents and their children in their first year of living was founded in 1988. It offers an advanced training for PEKiP®-group leaders as presenter or in cooperation with other institutions in parent education. The aim of the association is the promotion of pedagogic work of early infantile development and the support for parents and their abilities with the since 1973 practised Prager-Eltern-Kind-Programm (germ. Prague-Parent-Child-Program).